Network Rail

My wife was at a networking meeting the other day, well coffee with a friend.  We like to call it networking because it sounds more business-like, also it can then go in our work planner with no guilt associated.  Anyway at this networking event my wife mentioned that when I was "Between boards" I did other little bits of woodwork for people; refurbing worktops and that sort of thing.   The friend then mentioned that she had a railway goods van in the garden that she had been meaning to refurb as a summer house come hideaway.  She asked my wife if it was the sort of thing that Chris might be interested in having a go at.  Well, my wife thought it might be just what I would be interested in, and pretty much booked me in there and then.

Armed with a tape measure, carpenter's pencil and notebook (actually I forgot my tape and had to borrow one), I cycled off to see this goods van and see what I thought.  I had a look and after a networking cup of tea, I said I would be delighted to have a go.  I would go away and start a Pinterest board that we could kick around ideas on and see where it took us.

The thing about Daily Bread Surfboards, is it's all about enough for today.   I'm learning that I don't have to think too far ahead, just concentrate on what is in front of me.  I've not refurbed a goods van before and I am sure I will make a few mistakes that I need to sort out.  I've no idea what the journey will look like, but I bet it will be fun and I bet it looks great at the end.

In the meantime, unlike trains and more like buses, surfboard work is coming along too.   The "Ancient Quiver" plan is taking shape and my wooden boards will soon be available for hire, "At all good beaches near you."  Looks like i'm back on track.