Walk on Water? I Wish!

Dilemma, do I put up a video of me surfing my own boards?  When there is so much high quality footage of people surfing, why would I want to show my lame efforts? Even though it is the only footage of me and my boards in action, will it inspire you to let me make you a board or come and make one with me?   So lets cut to the chase, if I can surf them then anyone can!  It was a nice evening out back at Saunton Sands North Devon, not many were out and I promise you some of the waves were head high from where I was looking.  

The board i'm riding is called Numbers, it was the 4th board I made and is the only one I have got to surf at the moment as the rest are sold or on display in shops.  If you want to try it for yourself get in touch.  You can't surf it any worse than me!

So go on have a laugh at my expense it can only make you feel better about yourself