If I told you I'd have to kill you

One of the problems with blogging about the things that I'm making is that a lot of the time they are presents for people.  How do I tell you what I'm doing without the risk of letting the cat out of the bag?  At the moment there is a present for my brother's 50th which i'm really pleased with, there are a couple of boards I'm working on as wedding presents, oh and I'm mending a friend's oak worktops, I could tell you all about that I suppose but are you interested?

Last weekend Sasha finished her beautiful 7'4" Magic Carpet stylie board.  Each weekend I met Sasha at Castle Cary station and we spent a few hours in the workshop making her board, before going back to London.  Sasha came up with the design including a tricky little bit of wave shaped cedar inlay for the tail, which stretched us both!  The result is stunning, and considering she had very little experience of hand tools etc. a real achievement. Being board number 30 it's name is Hosea, wow those minor prophets had some weird lives!